Painted Landscapes: Contemporary Views

Artists include:
Aho, Eric (VT), Ptarmigan, 2013, Oil on linen
Berlind, Robert (1938-2015, NY), Slanting Light on Pines #1, 2009, Oil on canvas
Betts, William (FL), Pettit Lake, Idaho, 2012, 2012, Acrylic paint on reverse drilled acrylic mirror
Botts, Gregory (NY and NMex), Sunflowers at Barcelona Neck, 2008, Oil on canvas
(NY), Summer Haze, 2010, Oil and pencil on panel
Brophy, Michael (OR) Night Portrait: Wheatfield, 2012, Oil on canvas
Brown, Christopher (CA), Sails & Sea II, 2010, Oil on linen
Buckner, Derek (NY), Dusk, Gowanus Canal, 2016, Oil on linen
Cady, Sam (ME), Cypress, Pacific Coast, 1996, Oil on canvas
David, Eileen (CA), Slice/Houses, 2011-2016, Oil on canvas
Dodd, Lois (NY and ME), Tunnel at Vail in Snow, 1978, Oil on masonite
Downes, Rackstraw (NY and TX), New Plantings in Millennium Park After Labor Day Rains of 2002, 2002, Oil on canvas
Dubrow, John (NY), Playground II, 2010, Oil on linen
Exon, Randall (PA), Current, 2009, Oil on linen
Freilicher, Jane (NY), The Beginning of Summer, 1994, Oil on canvas
Funt, John (CT), Morning, 2006, Oil on panel by Lisa Breslow
Gornik, April (NY), Approaching Night, 2001, Oil on linen
Gregory, Michael (CA), Narrow Waters, 2015, Oil on canvas
Hannock, Stephen (MA and NY), After the Deluge, Red Maple of Peace, 2000-2003, Polished oil on canvas
Hartley, Marsden (1877-1943), Maine Islands, c. 1938, Oil on canvas
Hayes, Stephen (OR), Two Economies, 2012, Oil on canvas
Holland, Jim (Cape Cod), Hopper’s House, 2008, Oil on canvas
Hopper, Edward (1882-1967), Blackhead, Monhegan, c. 1918, Oil on panel
Horowitz, Diana (NY), World Trade Center Reflecting Pools and Harbor, 2010, Oil on linen
Jacquette, Yvonne (NY and ME), Late Sun Above Madison Square Park II, 2012, Oil on linen
James, Terrell (TX), Meadows Would Appear, 2015, Oil and acrylic on canvas
Kahn, Wolf (NY and VT), Pond and Pine Trees #2, 1974, Oil on canvas
Kapp, David (NY and ME), Square Crowd, 2010, Oil on linen
Katz, Alex (NY), Trees Against Blue Sky, 1987, Oil on Masonite
Kitchel, Karen (CA), Larger Than Life #11, 2013, Oil on birch panel with black walnut
Lavadour, James (OR), Horse Stories I, 2012, Oil on panel
Lawson, T. Allen (ME), The Road Home, 2012, Oil on linen
Lee, Katherine (NMex), Exterior 24 (Creation with Barrier), 2013, Oil and spray paint on illustration board mounted on panel
McCormack, Frances (CA), Upright & Rooted, 2014, Oil on canvas
McKenzie, Sarah (CO), Scrim, 2011, Oil on canvas
Onodera, Suzanne (NY), Blue Pond, 2011, Oil on canvas
O’Reilly, Elizabeth (NY), Third Street with Circle, 2011, Oil on panel; Grain Terminal, Reflected, 2011, Oil on panel
Owens, Kim Cadmus (TX), Standard, 2004, Acrylic and oil on canvas
Plimack Mangold, Sylvia, Summer Maple 2008, 2008, Oil on linen
Resika, Paul (NY and Cape Cod), Blue Wave, 2008-09, Oil on canvas
Ross, Johnnie Winona (NMex), VerdeSeeps, 2009, Mineral pigments burnished on stretched linen
Sheeler, Charles (1883-1965), On a Connecticut Theme #2 (Bucolic Landscape #2), 1958, Tempera on board
Siminger, Suzanne (CA), Springtime in Nicasio, 2011, Oil on canvas
Staprans, Raimonds (CA), Rothko’s Barn #2, 2008, Oil on canvas
Taylor, Katherine (GA), Encroachment, 2012, Oil on canvas
Van Dyck, Peter (PA), Rooftops Looking North, 2010, Oil on linen
Wagstaff, Clay (UT), Light on Rock No.10, 2014, Oil on canvas

Painted Landscapes: Contemporary Views presents the American landscape as depicted by some of the most compelling painters of our time. The artists use the traditional genre of landscape painting in compelling new ways, addressing contemporary issues of land use, nature appreciation, and ecology through their paintings of the American environment. The exhibit examines landscape paintings in terms of their historical inspiration, their formal elements of structure and form, and their theoretical underpinnings in which a landscape could be read as a specific location or as a place of human experience.

The exhibit features key aspects of what defines landscape paintings, including History & Inspiration (documenting change in America from a rural, agrarian society to the urban populous place it has become, capturing the countryside, the seaside, and all the places artists live and work), Place (whether natural or man-made, urban or rural, real or imagined), Structure & Landscape (either imposed upon the natural landscape through man-made structures or in naturally occurring formal features of the landscape itself), The Tree (depiction of the common and familiar tree), and The Act of Painting (where the subject of “landscape” and the place depicted are almost secondary to the process and stylist choices of the artists).

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